Our Coaches

The People Who Make Us Amazing

Chris Mahi

Owner, Founder, Co-Director

Head Coach: 18 Black

Kalani Mahi

Owner, Founder, Co-Director

Head Coach: 15 Black

Pat Sullivan

Individual Lessons Coach

Carlee Grunder

Assistant Coach: 18 Black


Tyler Gladden

Assistant Coach: 18 Black

Johnny Holler

Head Coach: 17 Black

Individual Lessons Coach

Derrick Vaughn

Assistant Coach: 17 Black

Mike Embretson

Head Coach: 16 Black

Pat Kroll

Assistant Coach: 13 Black

Phil McFee

Head Coach: 13 Silver

Emily Holteraus

Head Coach: 13 Volt

Maizy Jackson

Assistant Coach: 13 Volt

Suzy Teske

Assistant Coach: 16 Black

Greg Salvo

Head Coach: 16 Silver

Bailey Epling

Assistant Coach: 15 Black

Zach Fisher

Assistant Coach: 15 Black

Tyann Caspers

Head Coach: 15 Silver

Jill Smith

Head Coach: 14 Black

Heather Johnson

Assistant Coach: 14 Black

Carly Spies

Head Coach: 14 Silver

Ellie Von Lehmden

Assistant Coach: 14 Silver

Emily Clapp

Head Coach: 14 Volt

Ava Vitale

Assistant Coach: 14 Volt

Brooke Hottle

Head Coach: 13 Black

Lizzie Gifford

Head Coach: 12 Black

Tricia Even

Assistant Coach: 12 Black

Kaylissa Arndorfer

Head Coach: 12 Silver

Payton Ahrenstorff

Assistant Coach: 12 Silver

Courtney Ronan

Head Coach: 11 Black

Rachel Soll

Assistant Coach: 11 Black

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